Why Us?


What makes Multan Industries your best business partner in Pakistan …

We Combine Core Family Values & Business Ethics.

  • We are a family-owned business that’s professional-managed.
  • Personal touch with professional service is our biggest asset.

We Stand for Integrity, Trust and Commitment

  • Promising and delivering best value to customers is our way of life.
  • We assure you best quality, best price and timely delivery.

No Compromises on Quality

  • We stand by our quality claims at any stage of the transaction.
  • We have strong internal Q.A. system with highly experienced, dedicated Q. A. teams.
  • Strict Q.C. checks and strict quality inspections ensure total quality.

We Value your Time

  • We enjoy one of the best track records for timely delivery.
  • We are realistic in giving delivery dates; thus avoid last-minute surprises.

We Manage your Labeling & Packaging Needs

  • We have a dedicated in-house department to manage your packaging needs.
  • Latest UPC/Barcode printing machines, scanners, etc.

Well-Managed Network of Offices

  • We have well-organized internal infrastructure, devoid of limitations faced by cottage industry operators.
  • A network of local offices manned with fully trained taskforce with proficiency in textiles and localized production know-how.

Putting People Before Profit

  • We hire the best people in each business area.
  • We offer a healthy working environment to employees.
  • Happy staff means better productivity, better products and growth.

New Product Introductions in Every Seasons

  • We launch new product lines in each category, every season.
  • Reputed designers and color consultants from Europe and USA are hired for the same.

Our Quality Policy

Quality is not just a word; it is an action-word at Multan Industries. For us, therefore, quality is never an accident; but the result of conscious efforts that manifest in our products, our people and our services and in our very mind-set.

We score on quality thanks to…

  • Best raw material.
  • Sourcing top quality yarn.
  • State of the art production centers.
  • Imported machinery and equipment for fine finishing.
  • Quality checks during Weaving, dyeing and printing.
  • Regular laboratory tests.